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Secure your shield.

Avoid EMI and EMP.

Secure your shield.

Electromagnetic shielding

Why do you have to protect critical infrastructure equipment against EMI, IEMI, EMP and HEMP? How can you both seal and secure the electromagnetic shield? There are many questions regarding electromagnetic threats. We are happy to be able to provide answers – and solutions.  

Based on our expertise and experience, we provide innovative sealing solutions that combine electromagnetic shielding with certified protection against fire, gas and water ingress. 

What is EMI, IEMI, EMP and HEMP?   

EMC means electromagnetic compatibility, which is good. EMI, however, is short for electromagnetic interference, IEMI for intentional electromagnetic interference, EMP for electromagnetic pulse and HEMP for high-altitude electromagnetic pulse. These disturbances can be caused by electronics, such as cell phones and computers, as well as by acts of war or terrorism. They can severely affect electrical equipment and critical power supply to hospitals, banks and server halls, and an outage can be very costly.  

Read about electromagnetic shielding and learn how to protect critical equipment.   

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The Roxtec ES sealing system 

The Roxtec ES system provides an effective protection when used in shielded environments. It diverts conducted disturbances, shields against radiated disturbances and provides a mechanical and environmental protection against fire, gas, water, dust, dirt and rodents.

Roxtec ES system

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