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Electromagnetic shielding test

Testing the shielding effect is crucial when you develop cable and pipe transits in order to provide reliable protection against EMI, electromagnetic interferences, and EMP, electromagnetic pulses.

Electromagnetic disturbances can be caused by various natural phenomena such as sun storms or northern lights. Cell phones and everyday electronics can also affect sensitive electronic equipment in a negative way, and vice versa. There are also undesired electromagnetic fields which can be the result of discharge of static electricity, sparks from switches, electronic warfare or evil acts of terrorism. With proven products for shielding, you can minimize the risk of malfunctions, failures and fatal accidents.

Testing at Roxtec - Electromagnetic shielding test

Shielded test environment

At the Roxtec test lab, engineers and technicians use shielded rooms, antennas, transmitters and receivers to verify the ability of the seals regarding attenuation of radiated interferences.

The shielding performance can be evaluated in a frequency range covering most EMC standards. Roxtec ES modules has a conductive rubber layer that attenuates electromagnetic disturbances and forms an efficient barrier against radiated EMI.

Learning from the results

The attenuation level of the seals is presented for easy evaluation and comparison for use in the product development process. The results clearly present the shielding performance of the seals when it comes to protecting the point of entry and form a complete shielded solution.

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