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Specify Roxtec.

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Ship owners, operators and ship management companies have the right to enjoy peace of mind. With Roxtec as a complete sealing solution provider, you can ensure safety, enable a smooth transition to sustainable fuels, and pave the way for efficient digitalization. Our cable and pipe transits protect against multiple hazards and are available for delivery anywhere in the world. Make sure your shipping company is in the lead by selecting our sealing solutions, inspection services and transit management software.

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Specify safety

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Use Roxtec cable and pipe transits to ensure safety and operational reliability. We have accredited inspectors who can inspect all penetration seals throughout the lifecycle of your vessels and confirm your multi-cable transits are compliant with the latest requirements from classification societies. Our sealing solutions provide certified protection against the risk of fire, gas or water spreading throughout the vessel via cable and pipe related openings in fire rated or watertight decks and bulkheads. Additional protection is also available against the risk of explosion and threats of electromagnetic interference whilst other products are specifically designed to simplify the installation requirements associated with bonding and grounding.

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Enable sustainable fuels

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Many ship owners, operators and ship management companies are striving to find ways to follow the IMO strategy for decarbonization. The industry will convert and deploy fuel-flexible engines and probably use more than one sustainable fuel type per ship. Roxtec has a long history of developing approved sealing solutions and software that meet new maritime demands. In addition, we have many years of experience in managing the risks associated with hydrogen, batteries, energy storage, renewable energy, and nuclear power. Therefore, we believe Roxtec can be a trusted technical advisor in supporting ship owners and ship management companies with the safety challenges associated with bunkering operations, onboard fuel storage, fuel distribution and long-term maintenance.

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Specify digitalization


Design and engineering company AtkinsRéalis in Canada is using Roxtec transit management software to keep track of the cable transit work. The digital tool enabled great time savings when they brought Canadian naval ships up to class and made sure all vessels comply with regulations.

“The Roxtec software was really good,” says Richard McLeod, Engineering Change Implementation Coordinator. “It enabled us to monitor the progress without having to go and do inspections twice a day. We could see the service providers’ work in front of us and keep track of the deliverables.”

The software enables cost savings and helps ship owners ensure compliance. The documentation provides a clear record of the work done, simplifies quality control and serves as future reference.

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