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The complete sealing solution provider

Roxtec contributes to offshore wind farms worldwide.

Why is Roxtec the outstanding sealing solution provider for the offshore wind power industry? According to Global Segment Manager Matthias Brück, there are three main reasons: the technical knowhow, the international collaboration, and the insights into the future development of, for example, floating wind.

Roxtec sealing solutions for offshore wind power

“We know what we do. We have been the trusted technical advisor within sealing solutions for cables and pipes throughout the development of the offshore wind power industry,” says Matthias Brück.


Proven sealing expertise

Roxtec is working closely together with owners, operators and technology developers and is a reliable partner when it comes to design support, product development, testing and certification. The Roxtec sealing expertise covers everything from foundations to wind turbines, substations, and onshore connections. It is therefore a safe choice to use Roxtec seals and design software as a standard solution.

“Industry people know we help them select the right product for maximum cost-efficiency. And they like our adaptable sealing system. They do not have to fear late design changes or any bad surprise offshore regarding the size or number of cables, because our seals fit cables and pipes of many different sizes.”

Successful global teamwork

Roxtec has a global power segment team focusing on offshore wind power. This ensures an efficient teamwork when it comes to collaborating with and serving partners that are spread across the world. An offshore wind farm project can often include designers, shipyards, and operators in seven or eight different countries. If you want to be a preferred supplier, you must be able to handle such challenges.

“That is no problem for us, because that is how we work on a daily basis,” says Matthias Brück. “Our locally global approach is very important for us and for offshore wind farm projects around the world.”

It is by keeping up a continuous dialogue with owners, operators, design engineers, production teams and installation firms that Roxtec has been able to develop its abilities from all perspectives. This has resulted in standard and customized solutions that ensure fast roll-out and safe long-term operation. One example is the smart Roxtec oval seals that help saving tons of steel when producing foundations.

Stepping into the future

Being the recognized sealing specialists, Roxtec sales representatives, engineers and test technicians have also been involved at an early stage in many development projects within floating wind power.

“We follow the industry and continue to collaborate with leading manufacturers and new players. We can support the development of renewable energy by designing, testing, and providing sealing solutions. But we do not only deliver transits. We also offer design software and installation training.”

The design software Roxtec Transit Designer™ is used by engineers who want to save time and ensure safety. It helps them select the right seal with the right certificate for the right application. It is part of the Roxtec Software Suite™ which includes other tools for cable and pipe transit management: Roxtec Transit Build™ for use during construction and Roxtec Transit Operate™ for use throughout the lifecycle of an asset.