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Facing partial discharge related switchgear failures

Did you know that 85 out of 100 disruptive failures in electrical substations are partial discharge, or PD, related? This is a fact stated by the world-leading power asset specialist EA Technology.

PD activity can occur inside or on the surface of insulation material in substation equipment. It is a progressive process leading to insulation breakdown, carbonization and, finally, a flashover or an explosion. The result can be catastrophic in terms of damage to electrical assets. The subsequent power outage affects vital functions in society – and power suppliers lose up to USD 650,000 per day.

The PD activity, caused by a combination of humidity and dust or particle contamination, will only increase once it has started. The frequent use of water pumps, heaters and dehumidifiers is in fact nothing but a defensive, expensive and risky antidote. Water and heat will inevitably add humidity.

Water and dust ingress in substations can lead to partial discharge and cause costly power outages.

Substations need reliable protection against water and dust ingress to reduce the risk of PD and to secure optimum switchgear operating conditions. The proactive solution is wall and underground duct penetration seals that withstand standing ground water, floodwater and heavy cable load.

How to treat the cause of partial discharge instead of the symptoms? 

Learn more in the white paper “Humidity effects in substations” by EA Technology. Fill in the form to download. There is also a webinar on this topic you can sign up to.

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