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Roxtec EMC sealing solutions

Seals for electromagnetic compatibility.

Roxtec EMC sealing solutions

Use Roxtec EMC sealing solutions to ensure first class protection against EMI, electromagnetic interference, and EMP, electromagnetic pulses. The seals are approved by all major classification societies and used in many demanding industries and applications.

Roxtec EMC solutions include the ES system, which provides electromagnetic shielding, and the PE system for protection against disturbances carried by the cable screens or metal pipes. Both systems are also certified to protect against fire, gas and water.

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Roxtec protects against EMI/EMP

EMI and EMP protection

The Roxtec ES system combines a wide conductive tape with an RF shield to block and divert radiated and conducted electromagnetic disturbances. Roxtec ES modules with centered tape provide double-sided environmental protection while Roxtec ES B (B for back) modules are for terminations and transits with single-sided ingress protection. The tape covers the full circumference of the cable shield or the metallic pipe providing excellent performance for EMI and EMP applications. The system protects against high frequency radiated and conducted EMI/EMP in shielded environments.

The Roxtec PE system, with PE and PE B versions of the modules, uses a wide conductive tape to cover the full circumference of the cable shield providing excellent performance for EMI applications. The system protects against conducted EMI.

Use modules with center-placed conductive tape when cables pass through several transits and the back placement for terminations.

Optimized performance

Roxtec EMC sealing solutions provide a circumferential contact area to create a low impedance path to earth. The width and mass of the ground path are optimized for the application. The ES version also includes a high frequency barrier that captures and diverts radiated signals.

Comparison of sections of a Roxtec BG™ B module for bonding and grounding, a Roxtec ES B module for protection against high frequency radiated and conducted EMI/EMP and a Roxtec PE B module for protection against conducted EMI.

Selection of EMC solution

The selection of which Roxtec EMC system to use can be based on the expected cable or pipe type. If the cables are shielded it is probably an EMI application where the ES or PE system should be used. With the ES system, waveguide techniques can be applied when non-metallic fiber optic cables and plastic pipes or hoses run through an ES system into shielded environments.


Note: If the application uses armored cables, we recommend the Roxtec BG™ B system for bonding and grounding.