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We secure world wide quality in both our products and our way of working through our business management system that are kept together by common policies and guidelines.

Safety data sheets

Find our safety and datasheets in the Products part of the website.

Quality assurance

Within Roxtec group the following companies withhold a certification of ISO 9001. Roxtec International also withhold an ISO 14001 certification.

  • Roxtec Sealing System Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)
  • Roxtec Ltd.
  • Roxtec GmbH
  • Roxtec India Pvt. Ltd
  • Roxtec Australia
  • Roxtec Korea
  • Roxtec Spain
  • Roxtec Services
  • Roxtec Saudi Arabia
  • Roxtec B.V.

Find the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates below.