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Specify Roxtec - for long-term safety

Certified seals for cables and pipes.

Specify Roxtec - for long-term safety

There are three main reasons why ship owners around the world should specify Roxtec sealing solutions to protect their cable and pipe penetrations. They want to ensure safety and operational reliability. They want a reliable partner that assures installation quality, by inspection services and transit management software, throughout the lifecycle of their vessels. And they want their type approved multi-cable transit systems to be compliant with the latest requirements from classification societies.

Roxtec cable and pipe transits provide certified protection against multiple hazards. The mechanical sealing solution is resistant to fire, gas, and water, reduces noise and vibration and protects against the risk of explosion. It even offers innovative solutions for bonding, grounding, and protection against electromagnetic threats. Ship owners, operators and ship management companies can take comfort in the fact that Roxtec provides the most extensively certified sealing solutions in the industry, and the global Roxtec presence makes sure spare parts and upgrade materials are easily available. They can also feel a sense of security knowing that frequent changes and upgrades with new installations of equipment which impact existing cable and pipe transits onboard are managed and secured when engaging Roxtec as their expert sealing partner.

Transit inspection services

No matter how good any approved penetration sealing system is, it must always be correctly installed and maintained in order for it to completely fulfill its function as per its tested and certified level of performance. Therefore, Roxtec offers visual inspections of cable and pipe seals onboard a ship owner’s existing fleet, as well as onboard any newbuild vessels. Experienced and certified inspectors, approved by CLASS to conduct sealing system inspections, deliver and guarantee the peace of mind any ship owners need: the penetration safety system is going to function and provide security in the unfortunate event an accident happens onboard the vessel. Post any inspection, owners, operators, and ship management companies will have full control and visibility of their cable and pipe transits for the first time. As a result, they can establish a cable transit seal systems register in compliance with the latest IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) regulations. This can be shared with CLASS or Port State Control (PSC) surveyors during an inspection.

3 reasons for specifying Roxtec

  • Ensure long-term safety, efficiency and operational reliability
  • Establish a partnership for practical and digital quality assurance
  • Make sure all multi-cable and pipe transits are CLASS compliant

Meeting IACS requirements


The unified requirements from IACS aim to increase safety at sea. One good example is the clearly expressed focus on installation quality and verification of watertight cable transits. The requirements regarding control, documentation and inspection of watertight cable transits apply to ships contracted for construction on or after July 1, 2021, and require actions. Owners and operators shall maintain and update the cable transit seal systems register created by the shipbuilder. The register must be complete, correct, and available for surveyors to review. At periodic surveys, it should assist in confirming all watertight cable transits are installed and maintained in accordance with manufacturer and type approval requirements. As a CLASS approved service supplier, Roxtec can provide adequate support through cable and pipe transit quality inspections and cable transit management software.