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“Roxtec software enables great time savings”

AtkinsRéalis is keeping track of the cable transit work.

“Roxtec software enables great time savings”

How can you save time and still ensure safety and quality when the engineering change specifications have an impact on the multi-cable transits onboard? You can do as AtkinsRéalis in Canada did when they brought naval ships up to CLASS and made sure all the vessels comply with the strict regulations.

“We used the Roxtec Transit Build™ software. It was really, really good,” says Richard McLeod, Engineering Change Implementation Coordinator of design and engineering company AtkinsRéalis.

His role is to take care of an incoming engineering change specification, bid it out, and then monitor the work progress all the way through to the end to ensure AtkinsRéalis gets all the deliverables.

Training on Roxtec software

After an American Bureau of Shipping survey, the Canadian Navy decided to make sure all cable transits were in line with regulations. Richard McLeod turned to their trusted sealing supplier Roxtec and were initiated and trained on the transit management software. The service providers who won the contract were also educated in how to use the software.
“We got excellent support from the Roxtec representatives from start to end,” says Richard McLeod. “They helped us get started and we knew they could support us whenever we needed.”

Monitoring the process online

During the work, the service providers took and uploaded before and after pictures of open and completed transits. Their trained service leader could confirm, and AtkinsRéalis could follow it all.

“The time saving was great,” says Richard McLeod. “Roxtec Transit Build™ enabled us to monitor the progress without having to go down to the ship and do our inspections twice a day. We could see the work in front of us and keep track of the deliverables. When a section was completed and certified, we could give the service providers permission to go forward and start working on the next section.”

Finishing work before schedule

The first section was finished on schedule, while the next two ones were ready ahead of schedule.

“I was satisfied with how this project went. My role is to make sure the engineering change gets implemented and closed at the end. If we did not have had the software, I do not know if we would have been able to convince the boss that we could get it done within the very short time span.”

Expecting further cost savings

For marine electricians who work with cable transits all the time, Roxtec software enables cost savings through fast project completion, improved record-keeping, and reduced need for physical inspections. Richard McLeod says he wants to continue to use it to maintain the legacy.

Long-term quality assurance

The software helps users meet regulatory requirements and ensure compliance. The documentation provides a clear record of the work done, simplifies quality control and serves as future reference.

“It is very helpful to be able to go in and track the status of each cable and pipe transit,” says Richard McLeod. “You can say that transit XYZ was worked on back in June 2023 by this company, and now there is a problem with it, or say that this actual cable transit has not been worked on for 20 years.”

“Having that record after the job is done is really a bonus. Every time I had an engineering change, and I knew I was going through certain transits, I could upload them and keep the record in there.”