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The future of electrical safety

Seal, bond and ground – all in one transit.

Roxtec BG™ seals for armored and shielded cables help you master the toughest challenges. Standardize with our proven and area efficient sealing system in cabinets and enclosures to protect equipment against multiple risks – including high frequency disturbances and the effect of lightning strikes. Or secure the entire building from both electrical disturbances and environmental ingress by using them in walls and floors. 

The complete safety solution

Protection against multiple hazards

With Roxtec BG™ sealing solutions, you ensure safety, efficiency and operational reliability in a very flexible way. You can, for example, add new cables of different sizes whenever you need. Besides securing electrical safety through the integrated and robust braid for bonding and grounding of armored and shielded cables, the seals protect against risk factors such as fire, gas, water, dust and rodents.

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