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5 reasons for designing with Roxtec cable and pipe seals

Our seals, services and software simplify engineering.

Design engineers working on infrastructure projects or critical constructions can add value by selecting Roxtec. Our solutions help you ensure safety, pave the way for sustainability work and add flexibility for time and cost savings. They are ideal for everything from telecom networks, data centers and transportation projects to cleanrooms, biosafety labs, and hospitals as well as for EV battery and semiconductor plants.

Here is why you should consider standardizing with Roxtec transits for your cables, pipes, and conduits.

1 Secure multi-hazard protection

Roxtec sealing solutions are tested and certified for providing protection against multiple risks. The seals protect against fire, smoke, gas, water, dirt, particles, and rodents as well as blast load and the risk of explosion. In addition, they provide excellent cable retention and help reducing noise and vibration. There are also versions for bonding, grounding, and efficient prevention of electromagnetic interference. You can use our solutions for a variety of applications on land, at sea and underground as well as in hazardous locations. Use the sealing system to contribute to safety, quality and operational reliability and make a difference in demanding industries and challenging projects all over the world.

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2 Ensure design flexibility

The Roxtec sealing system is equipped with Multidiameter™, our invention for adaptability based on sealing modules with removable rubber layers. Our modular-based seals can thereby fit cables, pipes, and conduits of many different sizes. They are also openable and have a built-in spare capacity feature which makes it possible to add cables and pipes in the future. These features are most helpful when the cable and pipe dimensions are not specified, when the requirements for the penetrations are unclear or when you must handle frequent or late design changes. The seals are available with rectangular, round and even oval frames in various materials, and for bolting, casting, or welding.

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3 Design for sustainability

Our main contribution to a sustainable society is our proven ability to provide safety solutions that prevent accidents that could cause human, economic, and environmental catastrophes. We are a selected sealing partner and trusted technical advisor in many vital sectors where downtime, power outage or leakage is no option. Designed for long-term functionality, our seals make it easy for you to enable smooth retrofitting and upgrading to new sustainable technologies. We are determined to always provide the support you need to be able to design a safe and sound infrastructure. In our daily work, we work in line with UN goals to fight climate change, reduce emissions, and recycle materials.

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4 Benefit from time savings

More than 50 000 design engineers use the free software Roxtec Transit Designer™ to select the right sealing solution with the right certification for the right application. There are examples of engineers saving months by designing hundreds of transits in just a few minutes. You can use it to share approved outputs with project teams online, and integrations with frequently used design software enable easy access to our 3D CAD libraries and BIM objects. It is one of the interlinked tools in the Roxtec Software Suite™, which is developed to help owners, operators, engineers, builders, and installers save time, ensure quality control, and optimize safety during the construction process and throughout the entire lifecycle of the projects and assets. Besides the advantages of digital selection, design, and transit management, our seals are easy to use and inspect in the field. You increase efficiency from early design through to installation and follow-up and speed up project work without compromising quality.

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5 Minimize lifetime costs

You can save money while delivering on time and within budget by using Roxtec seals and support. You enter the seals in your design to ensure safety and long-term operational reliability which is fundamental for cost-efficiency and a lower total cost of ownership. You help owners stay competitive and deal with new needs and regulations, as it is possible to expand, upgrade and extend the service life of projects without making new openings or adding material costs. You can simplify for expansion and upgrades, but also retrofit with Roxtec seals if the currently used solution is not working as expected. In addition to this, we can always assist you by creating tailor-made sealing solutions to meet your needs.

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