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Simplify a safe transition to sustainable marine fuels

Use Roxtec seals, services, and software.

Simplify a safe transition to sustainable marine fuels

Many ship owners, operators and ship management companies are striving to find ways to follow the IMO’s (International Maritime Organization) strategy for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to make their fleets operate on sustainable fuels. When you face such a historic change, it is vital to select proven solutions. Here are some of the reasons Roxtec believes you should consider specifying Roxtec cable and pipe sealing solutions as well as their range of software systems.

Safety. Ensure certified protection.

Some alternative marine fuels bring a variety of challenges with regards to safety within bunkering operations, onboard fuel storage, fuel distribution, and maintenance. Some of these risks are linked with the release of toxic gases associated with ammonia fueled systems and the potentially high explosive nature of hydrogen systems. Roxtec cable and pipe transits have been used by the maritime and offshore industries for decades. The seals are developed, tested, and certified to provide protection against multiple hazards and thereby help the shipping world secure reliable operations and avoid environmental catastrophes as well as the loss of life and assets.

Knowhow. Benefit from the expertise.

Regulatory demands are increasing. Since 2021, the IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) unified requirements call for systemized control, documentation, and inspection of watertight cable transits. Besides being the world leader in approved sealing systems, Roxtec now also offers shipyards and ship owners, operators, and ship management companies a suite of software solutions which enable the formation and management of cable transit seal system registers. Roxtec is also approved as a service supplier by the major classification societies for providing cable and pipe transit inspections.

Experience. Rely on an innovative partner.

Roxtec is more than a trusted technical advisor and supplier of modular-based sealing systems to the shipbuilding industry. It is also a sealing partner within industries associated with hydrogen, batteries, energy storage, and wind, solar and nuclear power sectors, and is selected to ensure long-term operational reliability in applications exposed to various hazards. Roxtec has a strong record of developing and testing solutions that meet new maritime demands, such as non-welding solutions and penetration seals that maintain tightness performance after a fire has occurred according to SOLAS regulations. The company is used to working with changing landscapes with difficult and challenging requirements by developing “fit for purpose” solutions to maintain safety at sea.

Flexibility. Be prepared for changes.

To decarbonize, the industry will need to convert engines, deploy fuel-flexible engines, and use different fuels such as marine biofuels, liquefied natural gas and methanol, and even advance further into ammonia or hydrogen fuels. There will probably often be more than one type of fuel per ship. Roxtec seals and software help you manage changes, additions, and upgrades. There are standard seals with spare capacity available for decks and bulkheads as well as for control cabinets and equipment. If you have Roxtec onboard, retrofit is easy. If not, you can specify Roxtec to be ready for the ever-changing road towards carbon-neutrality which will include conversion to new fuels along the lifecycle of your vessels.

Control. Use smart digital tools.

To succeed in the transition while meeting all regulations and requirements, a ship owner, operator, or ship management company should be in control. Roxtec offers a suite of interlinked software to help owners and operators collaborate with designers and shipbuilders from planning, design, and construction through to operation. It saves both time and money and makes it easy to manage all cable and pipe transits during inspections and before and after upgrades.

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