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Conduit seals - cable seals for use in and around conduits

No more rodents or water ingress.

Conduit seals - cable seals for use in and around conduits

Are you tired of spending time and money on maintenance repairs due to leaking conduit and cable seals? Fortunately, there is a more consistent and reliable alternative to foams, compounds, and plugs when you need seal-tight conduits: the Roxtec sealing system.

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Ensure seal-tight conduits

Roxtec UG™ (underground) seals are ideal both for sealing around a conduit or single cable and for sealing multiple cables of varying sizes inside a conduit. Our seals can meet any application type from core-drilled to PVC conduit or metal conduit. These seals are easily specified on new construction projects to protect your investment, and they are a quick and easy solution when retrofitting problem areas. Protect your site against humidity and water ingress in both normal and flood conditions, and make our seals your safeguard for animal mitigation.

Conduit seals covering many needs

Roxtec cable seals provide solutions for seal-tight conduits in a wide range of application areas and in several different industries. We invite you to read more about our conduit seals for fiber cables as well as on the benefits of using our conduit seals in railway infrastructure or in any other demanding application underground.

Conduit standardization

Roxtec UG seals are more than just a piece of rubber, they are peace of mind. These seals give tremendous flexibility in the field with their ability to adapt to fit various cable jacket sizes in one product. The seals give cable retention, and protection against gas, dust, animals and other environmental ingress as well. These are truly all-in-one seals for all your project needs.

Why rely on "in-the-field" solutions and short-term methods like foams and compounds to protect your assets? Why worry about downtime, outages and replacement costs of expensive equipment when those short-term solutions fail? Why not find out how to use our cost-efficient and long-term solutions to maintain an optimum operating environment by preventing water, gas, dust and rodents in your next project.

Conduit seals for walls and floors

Roxtec seals ensure a safe operating environment for personnel and equipment by sealing conduits and cables entering buildings via concrete walls and foundations. They provide an excellent animal deterrent, give cable retention, and mitigate water and humidity from entering. You can use these seals around and inside conduits on manhole, basement and other vault applications for duct bank and cable entries.

Keep your systems operational - always ready for retrofit and upgrades.

Conduit seals for cabinets and enclosures

Roxtec conduit seals are also ideal for applications in cabinets and enclosures. Field cabinets are notorious for failures due to humidity, rodents, snakes and insects. By using Roxtec, after field terminations are completed, you provide a final line of defense against unplanned outages and downtime. Use these seals to protect your switchgear cabinets and buildings, SCADA systems, field junction boxes, and circuit breaker, transformer, or termination cabinets.

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Make use of our expertise in cable and pipe sealing to avoid harm to life and equipment.

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