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Certified protection

Certified protection

Sealing solutions for proven protection

Roxtec cable and pipe transits protect against risk factors such as fire, gas, water, pressure and electromagnetic threats. They withstand tough conditions, corrosion and temperature cycling. They also reduce noise and offer efficient solutions for bonding, grounding, EMC and hazardous locations. 

The Roxtec system is resistant to:


Ensure certified fire protection. Prevent smoke from spreading.


Ensure complete tightness against air and gas pressure.


Avoid water ingress. Prevent humidity, flooding and corrosion.


Protect against catastrophic as well as constant pressure.

Electrical danger

Protect against EMI, EMP and lightning strike effects.


Take control of dirt, dust, chemicals and fumigants.


Keep snakes, insects and rodents out.


Protect against vibration, shock-waves and the risk of explosion.

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Experience testing at Roxtec

You are welcome to witness the advanced safety and capability tests that we perform at our fire and test lab facilities in Karlskrona, Sweden. You can also watch this series of videos from our lab.