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Roxtec retrofit solutions

Seals that solve issues onsite.

Roxtec retrofit solutions

Are you constantly worrying about a total failure leading to a standstill? You are not alone. Many owners and responsible operators fear flooding, fire or other catastrophic events that cause downtime and huge losses. Mission impossible can be mission possible when you retrofit with Roxtec cable and pipe seals to mitigate the threats from uncontrolled ingress or fire.

Roxtec cable and pipe seals help you deal with the risk of fire or flooding in the field. Our seals are easy to install and enable you to plan and perform repair work and upgrades in a safe, quick and efficient way. Imagine how much time you can save by installing reliable seals and repair poor leaking penetrations without having to remove any cables or pipes.  

Many operators, site managers and maintenance teams have solved their issues with Roxtec seals when traditional methods such as mastic failed. In Roxtec, they finally found a cost-efficient long-term solution against water, fire and vermin. Once they have turned a leakage or a weak point into a modern and reliable barrier, they never turn back. They install Roxtec seals around existing cables and pipes whenever they can, and specify Roxtec for new projects to ensure peace of mind. 

Openable and flexible entry seals

Roxtec openable sealing solutions are quick and easy to install even though the cables, pipes and conduits are already routed. The seals are useful for a wide range of structures, adaptable to cables and pipes of different sizes and allow for simple installation verification. Another advantage compared to wet applied mastic is that Roxtec solutions do not require extended drying and curing times. They provide instant protection, thus increasing the efficiency of the installation. The user-friendliness is amazing, and we are happy to share tips and tricks with you on how to benefit from all the smart features. 

You can count on our services

Our aim is to be your sealing expert and support you throughout your project with design services, installation training and site visits. Roxtec offers a complete support package including standard products, customized solutions and problem-solving services. We can, for instance, help you with the design of the perfect retrofit solution and even tailor a special seal for your specific needs and requirements. With local representatives and stocks all over the world, we can assist quickly from planning and design through to fast delivery and onsite inspection.   

Manage high cable density

Is safety and performance put at risk because of an abundance of cables in the same opening?

We offer entry seals designed for sealing multiple cables in a minimum amount of space. Generate more free space by using our area efficient and structured sealing solutions.

Pave the way for new pipes and more cables

Are you having issues with leakage and corrosion?

We provide ideal solutions whether you replace your leaking corroded pipes with new ones or change to lightweight plastic pipes. Roxtec sealing solutions are available for structures and pipes of varying sizes and materials.

We also provide openable rectangular transit frames as well as openable sleeves to help you seal around one or multiple, existing or additional, cables and pipes. 

Retrofit in a flooded substation – before and after Roxtec installations.

Minimize downtime

Do you want to secure safe operations and avoid downtime?

Our seals help you solve problems onsite as well as during any sudden outfitting work carried out for general maintenance or required by any regulatory changes. Our transits are designed for single-side installations around pre-connected cables and pipes, and openable for changes, additions and upgrades. Use Roxtec seals to prepare for future maintenance and long-term retrofit projects.

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