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Same frame, but different

New Roxtec seal covers all needs.

Same frame, but different

As manufacturer within rolling stock, you always want to optimize and standardize by selecting smart all-in-one solutions. We can now proudly present a compact sealing solution that will help you solve several demanding safety and production challenges within cable and plastic conduit penetrations.

Product introduction Roxtec CRF

You can fill the new and versatile Roxtec CRF transit frame with any type of our purpose-made sealing modules, depending on what capabilities you want. You always get certified fire protection, tightness and vibration resistance. You can add maximum flexibility – or enable high-speed installation.

Use either Roxtec CM and CM PPS modules that adapt to cables and conduits of many sizes or Roxtec CRF and CRF PPS modules that are ideal for serial production with already known sizes. The PPS versions contain intumescent material which expands to protect plastic conduit applications in case of fire.

Roxtec CRF animation

Discover the all-round frame and the capabilities and benefits of each module type.

Combinations and ratings

Combine cables and plastic conduits

You can mix either CM and CM PPS sealing modules or CRF and CRF PPS sealing modules if you want to be able to route and safely seal both cables and plastic conduits in the same opening in the floor or wall.

Ratings for all ready-made sealing kits

IP 66/67, E30 and EN 45545