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Cable and pipe seals for renewables

Use our expertise to secure your green power.

Cable and pipe seals for renewables

The transition towards renewables and green hydrogen is vital for the future of our planet. At Roxtec, we are eager to contribute with our sealing expertise to your next renewable energy project. Our seals can help you secure sustainable power systems while enabling scalability and rapid expansion.

Secure your power

Whether your project involves green hydrogen, solar energy, wind power or energy storage – or all at once – you can standardize with our sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations. They can be used in electrical cabinets in Ex areas as well as in battery container structures and deep down underground.

It gives a certain peace of mind when you know that your investment is protected against fire, smoke, blast load, water, dirt, and harmful insects and animals. In addition, you get built-in adaptability, flexibility, and spare capacity for additional routing of cables and pipes of different sizes. These sustainability features enable you to plan and prepare for quick changes, future upgrades, and serial expansion already from the beginning.

Benefit from Roxtec seals and services

  • Extensive experience - We have been a sealing partner for the renewable energy industry for decades. We have many years of experience in working with process industries, hazardous locations and various modular and containerized businesses. 
  • Selected partner - Our reliable seals contribute to securing power generation all over the world.
  • Ideal for standardization and thereby cost reduction - Roxtec seals fit green hydrogen, solar energy, wind power and energy storage projects.

Learn more by watching our webinars

We invite you to listen to our sealing specialists. They share their knowledge in webinars focusing on risks to consider and how to prevent them in renewable power projects. You will learn more on design efficiency and installation types as well as on best practice for safety and operational reliability within.

Customer references

Watch videos and read success stories about smart players who use Roxtec sealing solutions in important projects to speed up the green energy transition.

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