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Cable and pipe transits for marine industries

Seals for ships and vessels

Shipbuilders and ship owners all over the world specify Roxtec transits to seal around cables, metal pipes and plastic pipes.

They appreciate Roxtec provides the most tested and certified sealing solutions in the industry– and that Roxtec onboard means safety and operational reliability.

Your local contacts

Roxtec is represented in this industry by:

Richard Keith

Marine & Offshore Manager - Scotland Department Marine & Offshore Business region: Scotland

Mark Whelan

Manager - South Department Marine & Offshore Business region: UK & Ireland

Jordan McNelly

Manager - North Department Marine & Offshore Business region: UK & Ireland

Ronan Mills

Business Development Manager for Datacentres Europe Business region: Ireland

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Superior sealing solutions

Roxtec seals help you ensure safety, quality and lower total cost of ownership.