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Transits for jack-up rigs

Transits for jack-up rigs

Many risks, one sealing solution 

Roxtec cable and pipe seals help you handle the harsh ocean environments and provide certified protection against fire, gas, water, electromagnetic disturbances and the risk of explosion. They also provide solutions for bonding and grounding. Use them in everything from decks and bulkheads to cabinets and junction boxes. By using our area efficient transits, you have a great solution for high cable density and can reduce the size and weight of your equipment.

Application areas

Explore the multitude of applications where you can benefit from our solutions.

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Roxtec is represented in this industry by:

Richard Keith

Market Manager Department Marine & Offshore
Business region: Scotland Phone: +44 7495 435 559
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John Kayes

Marine & Offshore Director
Business region: England & Wales Phone: +44 7795 845199
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Ronan Mills

Market Manager
Business region: Ireland Phone: +3530867924099
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