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Cable, pipe and conduit seals for rail infrastructure

Cable, pipe and conduit seals for rail infrastructure

One solution for multiple hazards 

Roxtec's certified seals cover all requirements for facilities and systems within electrification, signaling and communication, and we are ready to support you all the way from design and engineering through to installation training and inspection support. Standardize with our superior solutions to ensure safe and reliable operations in a cost-efficient manner. Route multiple cables and conduits of different sizes through each opening in your buildings and equipment. And add cables – without making new holes.

Application areas

Explore the multitude of applications where you can benefit from our solutions.

Your local contacts

Roxtec is represented in this industry by:

Simon Watson

Market Manager Department Infrastructure and Industry
Business region: UK Phone +44 7968 162325

Ronan Mills

Market Manager
Business region: Ireland Phone +3530867924099