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Cable and pipe seals for the power industries

Cable and pipe seals for the power industries
Gas turbine power plants
Transmission AC
Transmission HVDC
Wind - onshore/offshore

Avoid downtime

The Roxtec sealing system is a safety solution for practically all sectors of importance for global energy supply. Our flexible seals simplify design, roll-out, production and maintenance. Use them as a standard if you want to seal multiple cables or to enable changes and easy resealing without spare parts.

Your local contacts

Roxtec is represented in this industry by:

Gavin Cornall

Divisional Manager Department Power and Process Industries
Business region: UK Phone: +44 7976 686 442  
Email Gavin Cornall

Rob Cullen

Market Manager Department Power
Business region: UK Phone: +447973 558617  
Email Rob Cullen

Ronan Mills

Market Manager
Business region: Ireland Phone: +3530867924099
Email Ronan Mills

Will Melvin

Nuclear and Process Manager Department Power & Process Industries
Business region: UK Phone: +44 7968162325
Email Will Melvin

More application areas than you think

Are you searching for a sealing solution that meets your requirements?
Have a look at your industry, or a similar one, and discover what we can do for you!

Superior sealing solutions

Roxtec seals help you ensure safety, quality and lower total cost of ownership.