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Roxtec Transit Operate™

Operate - with total control.

Roxtec Transit Operate™

Cable and pipe penetrations are crucial for the safety level onboard ships and offshore units as well as in any construction project. Roxtec Transit Operate™ is a digital management system developed to enable complete control, documentation and tracking of all transits through the entire lifecycle of your asset.

Roxtec Transit Operate™ – manage your cable and pipe transits online

Roxtec Transit Operate™ is created by Roxtec’s experienced sealing experts in order to make it easy to keep all relevant information on each transit installation accessible and up to date. It provides instant information on the cable and pipe transit status and makes it possible for numerous team members and suppliers to work together at the same time. All data are synchronized into one perfectly organized register. Use this digital management system to enable seamless collaboration and guarantee a very high safety level.

Do you want to ensure total control of cable and pipe transits?

Do you want to secure the installation quality of penetration seals throughout the lifecycle of your asset? Do you need a digital register with an activity log covering every change and upgrade to share with installers or external inspectors? There is a great software to help you.

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Why Roxtec Transit Operate™?

Take control of your transits

The software presents an overview of all cable and pipe penetrations in a building, ship or offshore unit.

Manage your transits online

You can easily locate each transit onboard, read the activity log and check the safety status.

Access all relevant information

You find all documents and logged activities for each transit in the same place in the software.

Comply with class requirements

You can share the documentation with installers as well as with inspectors from classification societies.

Secure quality over time

You can verify the transit status after any changes and upgrades throughout the lifecycle of the asset.

Systemized cable and pipe transit control

The innovative software enables systemized control of the transit installation quality – from the initial installations to the latest upgrades and additions of cables, pipes and equipment. Roxtec Transit Operate™ has an up-to-date transit activity log and includes documents such as drawings, pictures, product data, installation instructions and certificates. You can change status, add comments, upload documents and trace who has opened and closed the transits. Click here for more information on the simple pricing scheme.

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