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“I like installing Roxtec seals”

Meet an installer who shares his passion.

Sebastiaan Veldheer runs his own company, B.A.S. Constructie B.V., in the Netherlands. He has been installing Roxtec cable and pipe seals for seven years in everything from food industries to landing stations and airports. He even goes abroad to do what he likes best: ensuring safety with Roxtec seals.

Meet Sebastiaan Veldheer, B.A.S. Constructie B.V.

“A customer rang me from Munich. He needed urgent help to seal off 142 transits. I went there with two guys and sealed all the 142 transits, full of cables, in two and a half days,” says Sebastiaan Veldheer.

He is, in fact, a very fast but also completely accurate installer. He has learned how to handle cables and sealing modules in a perfect way by watching videos and by focusing on continuous skills improvement.

“The installation speed is something you teach yourself. I like installing Roxtec a lot. The versatility of the product enables you to peel the modules to the right cable size and close every possible transit. I like to speed up the installation work, because I always want to set my personal record, over and over again.”

Clean and cost-efficient

Sebastiaan Veldheer faces many typical installer challenges. A site can be dirty, narrow and full of water.

“I clean the frame and I keep the modules clean before I install. That is how I get a clean result. The only thing you will see is lubricant. With Roxtec, you can save space and keep the substations nice and tidy.”

He finds the Roxtec sealing system very cost-efficient for the end-customer. It protects the crucial components in the substation or facility from water, humidity, and dirt as well as from the risk of fire.