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Upgrade your pipe penetration seals

Move away from outdated pipe sealing methods.

Why are shipyards, owners and engineering companies around the world specifying Roxtec seals as their standard solution for pipe penetrations? Because we challenge the traditional sealing methods and offer a superior alternative. Let us show you how.

Roxtec sealing solutions for pipes

Roxtec seals are perfectly designed to protect pipes passing through fire rated or watertight divisions. They offer huge benefits when compared to compounds, sealing plugs and bulkhead unions. Do you need to seal metal pipe penetrations or plastic pipe penetrations, or both? Are you searching for an efficient non-weld sealing solution? We invite you to browse our selection of different sealing solutions.

Solve your problems by using Roxtec

Certified protection

Resistant to fire, gas and water.

Easy installation

Quick, clean and a single-sided procedure.

Non-weld options

No need for welding or hot work permits.

Sleeve efficiency

No need for long and heavy sleeves.

Pipe integrity is maintained

No need for unwanted joints, couplings or pipe material interruptions.

Lightweight transits

Reduction in weight for improved fuel efficiencies.

Flexible for any pipe size

Reduction of items and articles in stock.

Efficient retrofitting

Simplified reinstallation during repairs.

Ready for upgrades

Built-in spare capacity for extra pipes.

Perfect for standardization

Review your shipyard standard - now.

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