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Cable and pipe transits for your ship

Roxtec is all about service and safety.

Cable and pipe transits for your ship

On cruise liner Mein Schiff 6 of TUI Cruises, thousands of Roxtec transits provide certified protection against fire, gas, water and electromagnetic disturbance.

Cable and pipe transits for Mein Schiff and your ship

Co-owner Royal Caribbean and shipyard Meyer Turku continue to cooperate with Roxtec for the service, the flexibility and the ability to use more plastic pipes.
"Roxtec transits make it cost-efficient to install light-weight and long-lasting plastic pipes," says Berth Strömborg, senior superintendent of Royal Caribbean.

Berth Strömborg - senior superintendent of Royal Caribbean; Antti Laaksonen - system responsible for HVAC and catering design at Meyer Turku;

All-inclusive sealing

Roxtec seals are used for penetrations in decks, bulkheads and cabinets in critical compartments such as the engine room, but also in the passenger and pool areas.
"It is good to have one service-minded supplier for all pipe systems," says Antti Laaksonen, system responsible for HVAC and catering design at Meyer Turku.

Optimizing logistics

Mika Tuokko, head of electrical outfitting at Meyer Turku, says one hundred installers have been working with Roxtec transits for cables on the cruise liner:
"The most important thing is to keep up the speed by handling fewer items. By using Roxtec instead of other systems we avoid 50 items in stock for each transit."

Mika Tuokko & Jurki Mäkinen of Meyer Turku; Karri Westermark, area manager of Rexel

The perfect supplier

Karri Westermark, area manager of yard-based electrical parts logistics company Rexel, is working with Roxtec since 2004. He says the cooperation works perfectly:
"We have hundreds of suppliers, but Roxtec is the best one of them. We get every delivery on time, and Roxtec representatives are always friendly and available to give us straight answers. They help us out if we need special sealing solutions."

Roxtec is our best supplier.
Karri Westermark, Rexel

6,065 sealed openings

3,781 openings for pipes and 2,284 for cables onboard Mein Schiff 6 are sealed with Roxtec transits. Many of the transits include spare capacity for future needs.

Why use Roxtec?

  • High quality sealing
  • One flexible solution
  • Many type approvals
  • Quick on-time delivery
  • Technical support onsite

Download the pdf-version of the Royal Caribbean and Meyer Turku, Finland case.

Project facts

Project description

Building of cruise liner in Turku, Finland

Involved companies

TUI Cruises (TUI AG and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.) – owner;
Meyer Turku Oy – design, engineering, shipbuilding;
Rexel Oy – electrical parts logistics


Sealing of cables and pipes below and above the waterline and outside the ship

Sealing requirements

Fire rated to marine standards;
electromagnetic shielding