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Roxtec retrofit solutions

Seals that simplify ship repair.

Roxtec retrofit solutions

Roxtec cable and pipe transits help you handle typical challenges in ship refurbishment. Our seals make it easy to perform repair work and upgrades in a safe, quick and efficient way. Imagine how much time you can save if you do not have to cut off any cables, drill any holes or weld around any pipe penetrations.

Seal it all over again

Do you struggle with exposed and non-performing or corroded deck or bulkhead penetrations?

We provide openable sleeves and transit frames which bolt together to mount around them and the existing cables. With our solutions, you can cover large cut-outs with frames that include wide flanges or cover existing installations with a stainless steel box. Our sealing modules also provide spare capacity for additional cables.

Manage high cable density

Is safety and performance put at risk because of an abundance of cables in the same opening?

We offer transits designed for sealing multiple cables in a minimum amount of space. Generate more free space by using our area efficient and structured sealing solutions. 

Efficient non-weld solutions

Would you like to avoid welding and the associated fire risks?

You do not need to close off areas, arrange for hot work permits or require fire safety officers if you use our non-weld seals. Attach the seals by bolting or through expansion from only one side of the deck or bulkhead. Make the improvements you need, and eliminate all costs related to welding.

Pave the way for plastic pipes

Are you having issues with leaking or corroded pipes?

We provide ideal solutions whether you replace them with new ones or change to light-weight plastic pipes. Roxtec sealing solutions are openable and available for structures and pipes of varying sizes and materials.

Minimize downtime

Do you want to avoid downtime and limit the time spent in dry docks?

Our seals help you solve problems at sea as well as during any outfitting work carried out for general maintenance or required by any regulatory changes. Our transits are designed for single-side installations around pre-connected cables and pipes, and openable for changes, additions and upgrades. Use Roxtec seals to prepare for and to reduce the cost of future maintenance and long-term retrofit projects.

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