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Seal your plastic pipe penetrations

Increase safety but reduce the total cost of ownership.

Seal your plastic pipe penetrations

Roxtec seals for plastic pipes prevent flames and smoke from spreading to the next compartment in case of fire onboard.

We have developed a significant portfolio of solutions to protect and seal plastic pipe penetrations in decks and bulkheads. The transits ensure certified protection against risks caused by fire, smoke, gas or water in accordance with official regulations and demands.

Reduce the risk

In the event of a fire onboard, a plastic pipe can soften, melt and leave a hole in the deck or bulkhead through which the fire and smoke can escape. Roxtec pipe sealing solutions are designed to plug or block the hole created by the disappearing plastic pipe in order to reduce the risk of the fire spreading.

When watertight integrity has to be maintained even after a fire, we have specific solutions which can ensure compliance also with this requirement.

Enable savings

Ship owners, shipbuilders and other contractors who want to use plastic pipes appreciate the excellent fire-stopping features of our system. Roxtec transits make it easy to use plastic pipes and to obtain the recognized savings and benefits associated with doing so, such as lighter vessels, lower fuel consumption, less corrosion issues and reduced maintenance costs.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Approved fire, gas and water protection
  • Certified for various types of plastic pipes
  • Single or multiple plastic pipe solutions
  • Fast and flexible installation

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