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6 reasons for using Roxtec sealing solutions in your SMR

Increase speed, safety, and scalability in small modular reactor projects.

6 reasons for using Roxtec sealing solutions in your SMR

Small modular reactors, SMRs, can contribute to meeting the huge demand for clean, safe, and sustainable energy. These compact nuclear power plants offer advantages when it comes to safety and cost-efficient modular offsite construction. Roxtec cable and pipe seals are the ideal choice for your SMR project. They do not only help you secure verified performance and multi-hazard protection. Their flexibility also makes it easy to develop and standardize for scaled manufacturing.

1. Efficient multi-hazard protection

Meet the key challenge in SMR and nuclear facility design by ensuring protection against concurrent and consequential hazards in the form of earthquakes, extreme weather, fire, and flooding. Roxtec mechanical seals are tested to withstand sequential risks to secure the integrity of safety barriers and separation systems, which is crucial for maintaining redundancy and diversification safety systems.

2. Easy to install in serial production

Roxtec offers a range of sealing solutions that can be attached to different structures by bolting, casting, or welding. The seals can be easily installed in modular panels, steel, or concrete walls, making them compatible with various containerized or prefabricated modular buildings or kiosks. In addition to this, you can always get project support from Roxtec within design and customization.

SMR cable sealing

3. Simple shortcut to industrialization

You can gain a lot by fixing Roxtec seals to your design standard. The seals are available worldwide, so you can minimize the number of sealing suppliers and methods and instead scale up and easily continue towards repeatable engineering and volume manufacturing. When you ramp up with a partner that would never become a bottleneck, you can run the process and drastically reduce costs.

4. Flexible and adaptable solutions

Roxtec modular-based transits are openable and adaptable to cables, pipes, and conduits of different sizes. This allows for a hassle-free installation process as well as for a convenient possibility to prepare and seal the modular reactor parts already at the factory. When the parts arrive onsite, they are clean, ready, and prepared to be interconnected and connected by cables or pipes of any sizes.

SMR - Small modular reactors sealing solutions

5. Built-in capacity for upgrades

Thanks to the openable sealing system, you can plan for spare capacity already during the design phase. By allowing for late changes, design modifications, upgrades, additions, and expansion, the seals add an amazing dimension of flexibility and scalability to your SMR project. That is why you should select Roxtec as your sealing partner early in the development and manufacturing process.

6. Long-term operational reliability

Roxtec seals provide tested and verified protection against the different hazards your SMR may encounter. The seals prevent water ingress, secure the integrity of fire rated barriers, and prevent gas leakage that could lead to operational issues and safety hazards. The seals also prevent the risk of explosion and provide efficient solutions for electromagnetic shielding, bonding, and grounding. You can also use Roxtec software to manage and control the seals throughout the lifecycle of the plant.

Read the Roxtec technical paper and learn how to seal your SMR in line with IAEA safety guides.