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Sharing sealing expertise with the nuclear power industry

Learn how to protect against concurrent and consequential hazards.

Sharing sealing expertise with the nuclear power industry

Download the technical paper on sealing solutions for nuclear power projects by Roxtec experts John Hallström and Gavin Cornall. It tells you how to protect traditional and new nuclear power facilities from multiple hazards by securing all cable and pipe penetrations in line with IAEA safety guides.

Senior Test and Certificates Engineer John Hallström and Global Segment Manager Gavin Cornall have reproduced extracts from IAEA publications with permission from the International Atomic Energy Agency. Step by step, and hazard by hazard, they explain why they recommend standardization with Roxtec seals in separation barriers, walls, floors, and cabinets throughout any nuclear facility.

Read the introduction of the technical paper or:

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Roxtec sealing experts Gavin Cornall and John Hallström, authors of the technical paper.

Multi-hazard protection by Roxtec

Roxtec cable and pipe seals are passive protection systems that protect against multiple concurrent and consequential hazards, internal and external as well as human induced and natural.

Roxtec solutions:

Protect against water ingress

Prevent gas leakage Add proven blast protection
Eliminate effects of humidity Separate safety systems Shield against EMI and EMP
Provide certified fire protection Prevent the risk of explosion Secure bonding and grounding

Highlighting post-Fukushima learnings

The accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in 2011 was a perfect storm of concurrent and consequential hazards with a sequence of events that compromised the safe shutdown of the plant. Since the accident, amendments and improvements have been made to guidance and governance, and recommendations from the IAEA have been filtered down to national level around the world. The authors of the technical paper show that Roxtec has the expertise and a regulatory compliant sealing technology that fits the nuclear power industry perfectly.

The seals maintain safety even when threats accumulate. They can be bolted, cast, or welded and used in walls, floors, and cabinets or other separation barriers. The seals provide immediate performance without any need for drying or curing and contribute to securing equipment and back-up systems for redundancy and diversification. The cable and pipe transits are in fact as easy to use on a construction site as in an SMR factory for serial and modular production.


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