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Cable seals for the defense vehicle industry

Cable seals for the defense vehicle industry

Protecting against multiple threats

The top priority for heavy vehicle manufacturers in the defense industry is to protect professionals and equipment serving in rough terrain. Roxtec cable seals provide reliable protection against risk factors that are present at all times in military and harsh environments. 

Proven special seals 

Should a need occur that is not yet in the design, an existing opening in the vehicle structure can be used to fit a customized and equally tested frame for cable routing. Your fleet stays potent without increased lifecycle cost, as it is easily equipped for the next mission. In many situations and in particular in vehicles, space is a luxury. Designs that are tailor-made and tested to fit each application are a necessity – and a core competence for us at Roxtec. We provide a free online tool to help you select the right seal for the application specific requirement. 

Seals that simplify upgrades

Modern defense vehicles extensively equipped with communication and equipment systems have much to win from using the Roxtec cable transit system. It provides spare capacity that maintains vehicle integrity also after upgrades.

Vehicles using Roxtec cable seals are easy to keep updated as technology advances. Cables for new equipment can be routed without cutting new openings in the armor plate. Roxtec solutions help maintaining vehicle integrity throughout the full service life of the vehicle.

The built-in expandability addresses different cable counts and cable sizes. Late design changes, upgrades and field installations are no longer an issue, as the flexible solution accommodates virtually any type of cable.

Thoroughly tested solutions

Roxtec seals are purpose-built to serve the needs of wheeled and tracked defense vehicles and personal carriers. The seals are tested to maintain performance over time, even when exposed to high temperatures and chemicals. For even higher temperature resistance, our silicone solutions have the properties for sealing off hot hydraulic pipes passing through partition walls. 

Read more about our IP69k rated solutions for protection against heavy wash-down. 

Meeting the toughest requirements

Roxtec sealing modules are made of Roxylon™, a highly capable rubber compound that is an effective heat insulator and a great vibration damper. Our cable seals pass tests both internally in our own test labs and at independent institutes to ensure performance over time. Roxtec has an extensive range of corrosion resistant products tested according to IEC 60068-2-52. Selected Roxtec products have been tested with salt-spray up to 30 days, which equals 720 hrs.

The seals have been tested by RISE according to ISO 10140-2:2010. This means effective airborne sound insulation over a broad frequency range, keeping cab noise low in very noisy environments. 


The transit serves well as vehicle fire barrier, with up to 60 minutes of fire break-through performance. Tests against flammability, smoke density and toxicity in accordance with the rolling stock standard EN45545-2, -3, ensure that our seals meet the toughest requirements.

Read more about certified protection and how we perform product testing.


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