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Roxtec seals in Komatsu mining equipment

Roxtec seals in Komatsu mining equipment

Komatsu in Germany builds large crawler excavators and loading shovels for the very tough working and climatic conditions in the mining industry.

Fire and humidity barrier

Roxtec entry seals are installed onboard – ensuring proper sealing against fire, water, dust and post-work steam cleaning condensation.

Quality selection

Roxtec seals were chosen by Komatsu to handle main electric cables and low pressure hydraulic installations onboard the loading shovels.

Beneficial flexibility

The seals are quick and easy to install and provide a flexible standard solution for a wide variety of sizes of cables and pipes.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Pre-manufactured modular seals with adaptable to individual cables and hoses
  • High technical reliability and capacity
  • Cost-effective and time-saving maintenance
  • Built-in spare capacity for future installations
  • Worldwide distribution

Project facts

Project description

Crawler hydraulic mining shovels for open pit mining operations worldwide


Komatsu Mining Germany GmbH


For HT cables: sealing of up to 6.600 V, 68 mm cables and for pipes and LT cables: seals diameters from 8 to 30 mm

Sealing requirements

IP 66/67, water-tight and dust-proof, fire protection and temperature resistance