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Seals for tailor-made rack locomotive

Seals for tailor-made rack locomotive

MRS Logistica in Brazil needed faster and better rack locomotives for transporting iron ore. Swiss Stadler Rail designed the most powerful electric rack locomotive ever seen. Roxtec contributed to the success by creating customized versions of the Roxtec CF 24 F1 cable entry seal for protection against dust and humidity.

The cable seals are installed in the thick steel structure of the driver's cabin as well as in the housing of the electrical converter. The environment in which the locomotives operate is humid and filled with dust from the mines, and it is a must to protect electrical equipment and keep both operations and logistics running.

Perfect fit

According to Michael Burger, technical project manager at Stadler Rail, they chose to install Roxtec seals out of experience and to benefit from the flexibility:

"We have successfully used Roxtec seals in customized projects before. Roxtec fits perfectly for this locomotive as well. We also got good special support, which helped us succeed in this unique project."

"Better than glands"

Technical electrical team leader Hansruedi Weibel installed the seals in the locomotive:

"We had no trouble at all. It is so much easier to use one seal than many cable glands."

Long-term solution

Everything with the series of seven 5 MW rack locomotives He 4/4 is new. They replace existing locomotives and will operate for at least 30 years. The fact that Roxtec seals can be opened and resealed, to simplify maintenance and upgrades with additional cables, is a nice advantage for service teams in the long run.

Roxtec fits this project perfectly.
Michael Burger, Stadler Rail

Why use Roxtec?

  • Dust-tight
  • Watertight
  • Area efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect replacement to cable glands

Project facts

Project description

Design and manufacturing of electric rack and adhesion locomotive for iron ore transportation


MRS Logistica S.A

Design, engineering, manufacturing and electrical installations

Stadler Rail AG


Sealing of electrical control and power cables in driver cabin and housing of converter

Sealing requirements

IP 66/67 and EN-45545