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Roxtec IP69k rated cable transits

Ideal for equipment in harsh environments.

Roxtec IP69k rated cable transits

Do you need to protect equipment from high-pressure water cleaning? We recommend the Roxtec CF 16 AISI stainless steel transit and the Roxtec C RS T seals in stainless steel that meet the IP69k rating.

In environments that require heavy wash-down, such as the food processing industry, and for defense vehicles, dump trucks and other heavy road and off-road equipment, the combination of water, chemicals, high pressure, and temperature can be fatal for the electronic systems. You can use the Roxtec CF 16 AISI multi-cable transits and the range of Roxtec C RS T seals for single cables to meet these challenges and ensure certified protection against water at high pressure and high temperature.

Providing complete protection

In addition to IP69k, the sealing products fulfill the IP66/67 rating. This means they can be submerged for 30 minutes in up to 1 meter of water, and that they have the highest protection rating against dust and sand. With excellent corrosion resistance, these Roxtec sealing solutions offer a full response to your need for flexible cable seals with a small footprint. Use them in harsh environments, where careful sanitation and deep cleaning take place on a regular basis and where downtime is no option.

Best practices in sealing

Roxtec multi-cable transits protect against multiple threats in a small package – and are just right for modern connected machine builders and smart factories. Download our paper “Best practices in cable and pipe seals for industrial machinery” to learn more on how to meet all sealing challenges.