Protect your rail systems against flooding

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Protect your rail systems against flooding

Rail engineering is focused on ensuring safe operations. Therefore, rail infrastructure sealing specialist Hamsini Subramanian has written a paper looking into the large investments going into railways – and the climate change challenges we must prepare for.

In the paper, called “Demand for water mitigation in rail infrastructure”, Hamsini Subramanian explains various types of flooding and associated costs. She reveals lessons learned from severe hurricanes and weather events and shares her insights in best practice when it comes to sealing solutions. There are reliable ways to seal cable, conduit and pipe penetrations and thereby secure operations – and avoid damages worth millions of dollars. 

“Prior preparedness is crucial” 

Read about the importance of prior preparedness in preventing water intrusion. It is and will be crucial to protect high voltage substations, technical rooms, switching stations, signal and control buildings, tunnels, railyards and railway stations.

Improving protection is not only a matter of ensuring long-term operation. According to Hamsini Subramanian, we all must remember that "when water leaks in, revenue leaks out". 

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Discover the new way of sealing in rail engineering and learn more on best practices.  

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