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Discover how smooth and convenient it is to be able to select the world's most flexible cable and pipe transits online and place your orders whenever you wish. It is also easy to find all facts you may need on the price and performance of Roxtec sealing solutions.

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Buy your seals online

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Rapidly developing the Roxtec e-commerce service

The global success of Roxtec is not only built on great sealing solutions and skilled people. Our development is closely linked to our way of cooperating with and listening to our customers. The Roxtec e-commerce is a good example of how we respond to your demands.

We hope you will enjoy the benefits of being able to order and purchase your cable and pipe transits online. The e-commerce is in no way replacing our committment to providing value adding services face-to-face or in the field. It just adds a very quick and easy option for you.  

The roll-out of our e-commerce is following our ambitious plan, and many of you can register as users or are already using it. It will take some time before we cover all our 80+ markets, but we are happy to advance at an impressive pace and celebrate every launch on a new market.

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