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Change sealing method

4 reasons for choosing Roxtec multi-cable transits over cable glands.

Change sealing method

Do you want to save design time, gain space and speed up installation in the field? Do you want to be able to handle late changes with ease? Here are four reasons why it is better to use Roxtec multi-cable transits than cable glands when sealing cables entering cabinets and enclosures.

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1. Maximized area efficiency means smaller, lighter and less costly cabinets

Often the limiting factor for the sizing of a cabinet is the surface area of the gland plate. By using multi-cable transits, which allow for more cables to be routed through a smaller area, the entire cabinet can be downsized and ensure substantial cost, space and weight savings.

2. Prepare for the unknown

One of the biggest benefits of using Roxtec multi-cable transits is that they can be designed to include spare capacity to cover the future need of additional cables. You do not have to worry about drilling new holes on site or applying for hot work permits. The flexibility of the adaptable sealing modules allows for a wide range of cables to be used. Simply open up the transit, route a new cable and close the transit again and you are ready to go. 

Roxtec BG™ vs. cable glands

3. Faster installations  

It is not unusual for 50-150 cables to be routed into a single cabinet and handling this using cable glands is a very time-consuming and slow process. The smart design of modern multi-cable transits makes them much faster to install and more pleasant to work with saving time and money in the process. 

4. Savings through standardization

Many world-leading process automation companies are using Roxtec seals to enable standardization in their cabinets. This means that no matter how they change components inside the cabinet the same design applies. This saves significant design time, and it takes away the risk involved when leaving to the onsite installers to find their own way to seal the cabinets. 

Would you like to change sealing method and save up to 50% on the cabinet footprint and weight as well as 50% on the installation time and cost? Welcome to contact us to get help and support, from tools to trainings. 

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