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Roxtec HD cable transit devices

High density cable entry solutions for terminal boxes, cabinets and enclosures.

Roxtec HD cable transit devices

Roxtec HD transits are designed for applications with high cable density and high demands.

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Save time and space

One cut-out for a Roxtec HD (high density) transit can accommodate up to 41 armored or non-armored cables, drastically reducing the amount of space required when compared to 41 cable glands. Use them in terminal boxes, cabinets, enclosures and remote I/O panels to improve space efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Cut weight by half and increase cable capacity by up to 40 percent.

Roxtec HD transits

Ready for any challenge

Roxtec HD transits are developed to provide environmental protection in the most harsh of environments and are available in versions for ATEX, IECEx and NEC projects.

The Roxtec HD transit range includes the Roxtec HD 16 for up to 16 cables, the Roxtec HD 32 for up to 41 cables and the Roxtec HDLC for large cables up to 54mm. This enables you to select transits according to the number of cables as well as to the desired future capacity.

Roxtec HD 16 Ex, Roxtec HD 32 and Roxtec HDLC

Covering many cable sizes

All Roxtec HD transits are available in versions for Ex e/Ex tb rated terminal and junction boxes, and they are certified for bonding and grounding. The transits include Roxtec adaptable sealing modules, flexible to handle cables of many different sizes.

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