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Full protection in an all in one solution

Ensure peace of mind with multi-cable seals.

Full protection in an all in one solution

Roxtec multi-cable transits provide certified protection against multiple risk factors. Use them to replace cable glands in your cabinets and enclosures – and to ensure safety and continuous operation.

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By optimizing cable routing and sealing through decisions in the early design phase, you give the installers in the field the directions they need to prevent hazards to life and assets. When you design in multi-cable transits, you make it easy for contractors to ensure the highest degree of protection. It is very efficient to cover many sorts of hazards, such as rodents, dust and water ingress, at that level with just one solution. To ensure electrical safety, this can be combined with a bonding and grounding functionality in the same solution.      

Protection against multiple hazards

Multi-cable transits provided by Roxtec are tested and certified to fulfill a number of different requirements and to function perfectly in harsh environments and hazardous locations. The solutions pass extremely tough tests both during product development and with third party. 

Avoid system failure and costly downtime

Roxtec multi-cable transits exist in versions for bonding and grounding as well as for Ex applications.  

  • Electrical safety – ensure bonding and grounding of metal-clad and armored cables.
  • Hazardous locations – protect your crucial control equipment against the risk of explosion.

Multidiameter™ by Roxtec 

Discover the invention that revolutionized the entire process of cable sealing. Thanks to removable layers, the sealing modules in the transit are adaptable to accommodate cables of different sizes. It means you can install a transit with spare capacity today and be ready for changes tomorrow. 

The importance of cable retention 

Roxtec seals provide great strain relief and anchorage. Use them instead of conventional cable glands to make sure cables terminating into cabinets are not pulled out of their end-terminals. Watch cable retention test video from the Roxtec test lab.

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