Multi-cable transits in cabinets and enclosures

Webinar on managing high cable density with Roxtec entry seals.

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Multi-cable transits in cabinets and enclosures

Do you know that you can use Roxtec multi-cable transits to handle applications with high cable density for protection in harsh and hazardous locations? You certainly can – and you will be surprised to see how much time and space you can save.

In this webinar, we present the benefits of Roxtec compact sealing solutions. You will probably recognize several common industry challenges with the old way of sealing cables. Discover the flexible cable seals we have developed to simplify your daily work.

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This webinar will help you

Save time

Learn how to save both engineering hours and space so that you can use smaller enclosures. You can speed up installation by sealing multiple cables in one opening.

Manage changes

Improve your cable sealing skills based on our expertise. The flexibility of our cable entry seals makes it easy to manage late design changes and cables of different sizes.

Find options

Meet Roxtec HD (high density) cable transit devices. We introduce new versions for sealing, bonding and grounding of cables entering terminal boxes and enclosures.

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Learn how to benefit from multi-cable transits in cabinets and enclosures by watching our free webinar (25 minutes).

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