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Cable and pipe seals for data centers

Cable and pipe seals for data centers

Data centers and server halls house critical communication infrastructure and must withstand both fire and water. Still, extreme weather events and flooding cause outages worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Select purpose-built sealing solutions – and save your cloud from drowning.

Roxtec safety seals for cable and pipe penetrations secure cutting-edge data centers and server halls worldwide against fire, water ingress and air leakage. Downtime is costly and no option when continuous service is required for critical functions throughout the society.

Harden your data center

We offer a long-term partnership to harden your data centers and server halls against multiple risks. By providing smart and certified sealing solutions, we help you ensure safety and efficiency during the construction phase and throughout the lifecycle of your facility. The seals are easy to design in and install – and they cover all sealing needs and requirements. That is why so many designers, construction companies and operators of data centers standardize with the Roxtec sealing system.  

We use Roxtec seals wherever we need first class protection.
Jan Jansson, Site Manager, Tieto

Enable efficient energy use

Our airtight seals provide excellent possibilities for a sustainable use of air-conditioning and cooling systems. You can control the facility climate and temperature, eliminate risks for sensitive equipment and reduce your energy costs while securing reliable operation and business continuity. 

Expand while operating

Our openable and adaptable seals are perfect for scalable and growing modular or containerized data centers. Thanks to the built-in spare capacity for additional cables and pipes, you can easily handle last-minute design changes or increased server density. You can even perform retrofit work without having to shut down any services or add any material costs.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified protection against fire and flooding
  • Airtight for climate control and energy savings
  • Quick and easy to design in and install
  • Ideal as standard solution for all facilities
  • Built-in spare capacity for additional cables

Watch these videos to see how Roxtec seals cover sealing needs both above ground and underground.

Application areas

Explore the multitude of applications where you can benefit from our solutions.

Learn more about using Roxtec cable and pipe seals

Are you interested in our sealing solutions? Do you want to be the best Roxtec user you can be? Would you like to discuss or challenge us with some extraordinary requirements? You are always welcome to contact us and talk to our sealing experts, design engineers and local representatives.

You can also discover our free online engineering tool Roxtec Transit Designer™ or Roxtec BIM objects. We also invite you to read success stories from demanding reference projects across the world, where owners, operators, design engineers and contractors have chosen Roxtec cable and pipe transits to ensure safe operations. 

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