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Cable transits for electromagnetic shielding

Cable transits for electromagnetic shielding

Viking Dynamic is a fast, slim and flexible offshore platform supply vessel. Its speed is controlled via frequency converters. But there is no risk of disturbance, thanks to Roxtec transits for potential equalization and electromagnetic shielding.

Roxtec PE transits have been installed to handle cables passing in and out of the converters. From here the cables pass on to the stern and to the electrical motors.

Frequency filter required

Viking Dynamic has electrical propulsion and the speed is controlled by altering the frequency via frequency converters to the motors. The converters in a diesel-electric drive system may cause unwanted high frequency disturbance, and this must be filtered out not to enter the motors, which in turn could face a risk of damage and subsequent repairs and loss of productivity for the ship.

Ready-made solution

The solution came through Vik-Sandvik ship design and the engineering department at the parent company, Aker Aukra AS. Here the Roxtec transits have been known and used for a long time, and the awareness of Roxtec solutions for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) came in handy. The choice fell on Roxtec PE (potential equalization) and ES (electromagnetic shielding) transits because they offered a ready-made shielding solution for the cables from the converters to the motors in combination with fire-proof transits for marine environments.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified safety
  • Easy installation
  • Overnight deliveries
  • Long-term reliability
  • EMC solutions for electrical safety

Project facts

Project description

Platform supply vessel building in Molde, Norway


Simon Mökster Shipping AS and Eidesvik & Co Shipping A/S

Design and build contractors

Vik-Sandvik A/S, Aker Aukra AS and Aker Yards.


Shielded and non-shielded cable transits in electrical propulsion system, power distribution and signal cabling onboard.

Sealing requirements

Fire-proof, watertight, potential equalization and electromagnetic shielding.