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Efficient cable transit retrofit

Securing Shell’s offshore platform.

Efficient cable transit retrofit

An old, corroded and poorly upgraded seal on the Shell Enchilada platform in the Gulf of Mexico started to leak. People and operations were at risk. Roxtec sealing experts designed a solution for installation around existing cables without welding to ensure safety and minimize downtime.

“We thank Roxtec for the custom job. It saved countless man-hours and downtime,” says Douglas Savoy, Project Manager of the Shell Enchilada platform.

In fact, Douglas Savoy and his colleagues at Shell were so happy with the application that they decided to use the same design to secure and seal several other cable penetrations.

Leakage causing hazards

The original cable transit frame in mild steel had been installed almost 25 years prior, when the platform was built. At various points during operation cables had been added, but the sealing modules were improperly installed, thus causing leaks when it rained. Due to the harsh offshore environment, the frame had also started to deteriorate. This caused leaks into the PLC control cabinet, inside and meant extra maintenance and risk of injury to platform employees.

Wanted to keep cables intact

Shell wanted to replace the leaking frame, but leave the cables intact. Disconnecting the cables would have increased cost and required the welding of a new frame. The Shell project manager decided to reach out to Roxtec for help.

Installation without welding

The Roxtec design team provided a drawing of a new frame which Shell agreed to and specified. It fit the existing footprint, and it was openable for installation without disconnecting cables and in bolt-around configuration to avoid welding. This allowed for a quick installation which further reduced downtime.

“Roxtec helped us save countless man-hours and downtime.”
Douglas Savoy, Project Manager, Shell Enchilada platform.

Why Roxtec?

  • Fire rated
  • Watertight
  • Engineering support
  • Retrofit capabilities
  • Designed for harsh environments

Project facts

Project description

Retrofit of cable transits on offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico

Involved companies

Shell – owner, design and engineering, Danos – Shell contractor and installer


Sealing of cable entries into cabinets

Sealing requirements

A-60 fire ratings, Watertight

Roxtec products

Roxtec SFOH transits

More on Roxtec retrofit solutions

Roxtec openable seals for cables, pipes and conduits simplify and speed up repair work. The transits help you handle typical challenges in marine and offshore refurbishment projects and enable you to drastically minimize downtime when retrofitting. 

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