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Italian superyachts rely on Roxtec seals

Ensuring safety and flexibility.

Italian superyachts rely on Roxtec seals

The Italian Sea Group is using Roxtec cable and pipe transits on their superyachts. The sealing system helps them prevent risk, save time, and enable changes in line with owner requirements. This is now documented and presented by The Boat Show, the weekly TV magazine specializing in nautical content.

The Boat Show video covering Roxtec seals on Italian superyachts.

The Boat Show, which is broadcast in more than 80 countries, was interested in going behind the scenes to find out how Roxtec seals work and why they are so important. Therefore, yachting journalist Justin Ratcliffe and his team went to visit The Italian Sea Group, the home of the Admiral superyacht brand.

Speed and flexibility

Marco Figara, Production General Manager at The Italian Sea Group, says they use Roxtec seals for speed and cost saving reasons. They obtain components quickly, the installation is simple, and: “There is always the possibility of making subsequent changes if the owner wants to change some systems.”


Marco Figara appreciates that the sealing system requires zero maintenance and that it is flexible: “Various cables and pipes can be installed using only one opening, which means we can reduce the net space in the ceiling and increase the height of the cabins.”

Eye-opener on TV

For show presenter Justin Ratcliffe, the discovery of Roxtec turns into “a real eye-opener”. He recognizes the importance of preventing fire, flood, smoke, vibration, and electromagnetic disturbance all while ensuring time and weight savings through quick installations of lightweight solutions. He concludes: “Safety can sometimes depend on the smallest of components.”