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New IACS requirements related to cable transits

A guide to the new safety demands in UR Z28, Z23 and Z17.

New IACS requirements related to cable transits

In October 2020 IACS released new and updated requirements regarding control, documentation and inspection of watertight cable transits onboard vessels and offshore units. In this article we summarize the new IACS unified requirements Z28, Z23 and Z17 and the actions now required by owners, operators and shipyards.

The new and updated unified requirements from IACS, the International Association of Classification Societies, aim to increase safety onboard ships and offshore units all over the world. One good example is the clearly expressed focus on installation quality and verification of watertight cable transits. The regulations are now in force and apply to ships and offshore units contracted for construction on or after July 1, 2021.

IACS UR Z28 – Surveys of watertight cable transits

This new chapter covers the control of watertight cable transits during the entire lifecycle of a ship or offshore unit, from new-build to scrap. This includes instructions on:

  • How to maintain, control and document cable transits
  • How to control and maintain cable transit installation quality
  • How and when to perform periodical surveys of cable transits

IACS UR Z23, rev. 7 – Hull survey for new construction

The updates in Z23 related to watertight cable transits state that a cable transit seal systems register shall be prepared and added to the Ship Construction File. The register is to include:

  • A marking or cable transit identification system
  • Documentation referencing manufacturer manual(s) for each type of cable transit
  • The type approval certification for each type of cable transit
  • Applicable installation drawings
  • A recording of each cable transit documenting the as-built condition after final inspection in the shipyard, including sections to record any inspection, modification, repair and maintenance

IACS UR Z17, rev. 15 – Procedural requirements for approved service suppliers

The new section 17 in UR Z17 relates to companies engaged in cable transit inspections on ships and offshore units.

  • Classification societies need to prepare themselves to perform audits of companies aiming to be certified as approved service suppliers of cable transit inspections
  • Approved service supplying companies aiming to provide cable transit inspection services need to be certified by societies as approved supplier in line with corresponding class survey program