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Sealing solutions for supply ships

Sealing solutions for supply ships

Ulstein Shipyard designs and finalizes advanced supply ships. In order to meet the increasing demands for safety and capacity, Ulstein cooperates with Roxtec.

"We work with Roxtec since ten years and are very satisfied. They always come up with good sealing solutions," says Dagbjørn Myklebust, project coordinator of Ulstein Elektro Installation A/S.

Supply ships must operate reliably, so Ulstein selects sealing solutions with care.

"We cannot take any risks. A black-out onboard would be a disaster."

Many applications

There are a lot of Roxtec seals onboard the offshore service vessel Karianne. The large cables to the cranes and the underwater operation equipment on deck are sealed with Roxtec, and so are the smaller deck and bulkhead entries for signal, communication and lighting cables. Roxtec pipe seals are used for water pipes and hydraulic pipes and to handle thermal expansion of hot and cold pipes.

Safety and efficiency

With Roxtec, Ulstein makes sure that each compartment is separated in case of fire, gas or water and that the ship-long fire rated bulkhead divides the engine areas into two fully operational vessel parts. The transits provide spare capacity for additional cables. This helps extending the lifecycle – without increasing costs.

Roxtec EMC solutions

In the areas around the engine and propulsion drive, Roxtec EMC seals shield against electromagnetic disturbances. It is crucial to protect the bow thruster system from interfering signals; loading at sea requires high-precision operation.

Roxtec provides very helpful solutions.
Dagbjørn Myklebust, Ulstein Elektro Installation A/S

Why use Roxtec?

  • High safety demands
  • Long-term relationship
  • Innovative technical support
  • Fast deliveries from local stock
  • Adapts to cables of different sizes

Project facts

Project description

Design and new-build of supply ships


Ulstein Group


Sealing of cables and pipes in decks and bulkheads as well as in drive equipment

Sealing requirements

Watertight, gas-tight, fire rated, EMC and vibration safe