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Roxtec seals in transmission substation

Roxtec seals in transmission substation

Terna is a major energy transmission grid operator and the primary owner of the national high voltage electricity transmission grid in Italy.

Long-term reliability

It is important for Terna to ensure safety, quality and cost-effectiveness over time. This is why they have chosen to use Roxtec cable entry seals at the transmission substation in Montalto Di Castro, north of Rome, to prevent water and rodents from damaging equipment. With Roxtec, Terna has a cable sealing solution that is easy to install and modify. The solution provides safety and long-term operational reliability.

Reasons for choosing Roxtec

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy to upgrade with more cables
  • Protection against water and rodents
  • Multidiameter™ - adapts to cables of different sizes through modules with removable layers
  • A clean solution with easy maintenance
  • Standardized kit solution
  • Local support
  • Installation training

Project facts

Project description

Sealing of control and instrumentation cables in a transmission substation


Terna S.p.A, the Italian TSO (Transmission System Operator)


Roxtec is used to seal cables into the main control room, auxiliary service room and all the control boxes at the substation


Water-tightness, rodent protection and spare capacity for future cables