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InterDam and Roxtec enable modular offsite projects

Cooperating – testing – certifying.

InterDam is a world-leading provider of prefabricated fire and blast resistant architectural items, like walls and doors, for modular offsite projects. Roxtec is a global supplier of modular-based cable and pipe seals. For many years, the companies have been working together within research and development. This has resulted in a test and pre-certification process that benefits players in the rapidly growing modular offsite business.

The cooperation between the two companies is built on a similar professional approach. Just like Roxtec, InterDam delivers a complete set of high-quality products to different industries, including sectors that speed up the green energy transition, such as offshore wind power and green hydrogen. And just like Roxtec, InterDam has an overall objective of optimizing safety by supplying solutions that combine genuine simplicity for end-users with all possible required tests, approvals, and certifications.

Collaboration for certified safety

By testing their fire walls with Roxtec fire rated seals installed at the advanced Roxtec fire test laboratory in Sweden, InterDam can fine-tune their product development and pave the way for a successful certification process. When customers decide to buy InterDam’s walls in combination with the tested seals, they get the benefit of having a readily available solution that has been tested and certified to the latest standards.

“Our cooperation for certification allows for easy project approval,” says Gavin Cornall, Global Segment Manager at Roxtec.

Gavin Cornall_350x350_Roxtec International AB.png
Gavin Cornall, Global Segment Manager at Roxtec.

Lighter and faster modular constructions

InterDam is specializing in weight-saving and cost-effective modular sandwich panels. The items are easy to transport and install, and as they are mounted by bolting, they make it possible to avoid costly and time-consuming hot work. It does not come as a surprise that Roxtec also supplies cable and pipe transits that can be attached by bolting, besides their seals for welding or casting to modular buildings. Roxtec is also focusing on offering sealing solutions that reduce weight and minimize installation time.

Standardizing and customizing

Both companies are quality assured according to ISO 9001:2015 standards, and their products have approval certificates from all major classification authorities and certifying authorities. They also share an ambition to follow up projects to ensure installation quality, which is very appreciated by customers.

Yet another similarity between InterDam and Roxtec is their commitment to meeting customer needs. Both prefer providing their expertise and support at an early design stage of a project, because both want to make sure the project owners can cover all needs and demands regarding safety, efficiency, and speed.

“Our products simplify standardization, but our extensive engineering and manufacturing experience also allows us to develop and tailor solutions according to specific project needs,” says Fraser Weir, CEO of InterDam. “Our long experience with testing and certification can be utilized to provide customized, certified solutions.”

Fraser Weir_350x350_InterDam.png
Fraser Weir, CEO of InterDam.

Needless to say, Roxtec is always ready to use its expertise to create customized cable and pipe transits whenever special needs arise.