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Cable and pipe seals for controlled environmental agriculture (CEA)

Cable and pipe seals for controlled environmental agriculture (CEA)

Vertical farming requires sophisticated equipment to function properly. This involves climate stations, lighting systems, and water recycling systems. Roxtec sealing solutions can help protect your equipment and is designed for the life of your building.

Roxtec applications in vertical farming projects

Vertical farming/growing envelope

Use Roxtec penetration seals to combine complete airtightness with excellent firestop performance. You can enter and seal multiple cables through each solution, and re-open in the future to add additional cables without releasing dust or particles into the air. Make sure your vertical farm meets all requirements for maintaining a healthy and sustainable microclimate. Maintain efficient energy use while eliminating the risk of conditioned air from escaping.

Building envelope

Once a penetration for services is made, the envelope is compromised. By sealing your electrical and mechanical pathways through the building envelope we are providing a separation between interior and exterior environments. Our ability to retrofit brings value to your project when retrofitting existing buildings for vertical farm use where maintaining a GMP rating is desired.

Mechanical and electrical systems

Utility areas for water conditioning, HVAC, and electrical equipment are often adjacent to grow areas. Cable and pipe penetrations into equipment or production areas usually need to maintain airtightness and require watertightness for washdown. Roxtec seals are high performing, fit for purpose solutions for such applications.

Typical Roxtec products for construction

Roxtec UG™ - underground sealing solutions

Roxtec UG™ - underground sealing solutions

Discover our seals for protection against constant water pressure.

Seals for the food and beverage industry

Seals for the food and beverage industry

Roxtec seals ensure tightness during production and high-pressure hosing.

The Roxtec GH cable and pipe transit

The Roxtec GH cable and pipe transit

The Roxtec GH is a seal for casting in concrete or bolting onto even structures.

Learn more about using Roxtec cable and pipe seals

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You can also discover our free online engineering tool Roxtec Transit Designer™ or Roxtec BIM objects. We also invite you to read success stories from demanding reference projects across the world, where owners, operators, design engineers and contractors have chosen Roxtec cable and pipe transits to ensure safe operations. 

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