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Securing power transmission

Securing power transmission

No water. No salt. No dust. No rats. And no electromagnetic disturbance. None of these risk factors may affect the SAPEI HVDC power transmission link between Sardinia and the Italian mainland.

That is why grid operator Terna and ABB Power Systems use Roxtec seals in the converter stations on each side of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Roxtec seals protect from water and rodents below floor level and from pollution through air.

Sealing and shielding

"We keep our three filters indoors to protect them from the salt environment and from the pollution from the coal-fired power plant next door. We must also shield the building from electromagnetic disturbances," says Dore Salvatorico, technical specialist of Terna in Fiume Santo, where the converter station maintains the stability of the weaker island grid.

Selected for safety

The power produced in Sardinia covers the needs of hundreds of thousands of mainland homes. In order to ensure safety and functionality, the project partners have decided to install Roxtec seals in the walls also in the Latina substation near Rome.

Maintaining the pressure

Airtight cable seals maintain the positive pressure so that dust particles do not reach crucial equipment. Roxtec EMC solutions are used in Latina as well in order to cope with the risk of high frequency and to obtain potential equalization.

Terna and ABB got support from Roxtec in Sweden and Italy. Besides reliable seals, Roxtec provided transit drawings, special solutions, onsite installation training and inspections.

Roxtec is a good, watertight solution.
Mohamed Nouri, ABB Power System Division

Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified protection
  • Clean and organized installations
  • Openable seals for modifications
  • EMC solutions for electrical safety
  • Extensive service and support

Project facts

Project description

Energy transmission system including submarine link and substations



Design and engineering

ABB Power Systems


Sealing of cables in outside and inside walls in HVDC converter stations

Sealing requirements

Watertight, air-tight, rodent-proof and electromagnetic shielding