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Keeping the wind turbines running

Keeping the wind turbines running

Roxtec is the world-leading supplier of cable transits to offshore wind farms. One of the first large offshore wind power projects Roxtec contributed to is Lillgrund in Sweden. It generates green energy to 60,000 households.

Standard sealing solution

Roxtec cable transits provide a standardized way of dealing with challenges like vibrations and protection against smoke or fire.

Cable-friendly fixation

Roxtec transits are used to protect equipment and to reduce vibration in order to extend the lifetime of the cables.

Offshore solutions

In the offshore substation, Roxtec is used throughout the entire structure for water-tightness and fire protection.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Mechanical seal for several types of first rate protection
  • Standardization of solutions and between suppliers
  • Simplified logistics and short delivery time (within 24h)
  • Flexibility for cables and pipes of different sizes
  • Vibration damping for extended cable life
  • Ease of installation and local support

Project facts

Project description

Manufacturing and operational maintenance of offshore wind farm


Vattenfall, Sweden

Designer/manufacturer of wind turbines

Siemens Power Generation Wind Power, Denmark

Manufacturers/electrical installations of offshore substation

Bladt Industries A/S and Semco Maritime, Denmark


Pihl-Hochtief JV


Roxtec seals are is used in several different cable transit applications for various requirements and purposes

Sealing requirements

Water-tightness, fire and smoke barrier, IP rated protection for cabinets, vibration damping and cable retention and fixing